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CLKernel Class Reference

Class for building anOpenCL kernel from source files.

#include <CLWorkFlow.hpp>

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Public Member Functions

 operator cl_kernel () const
 Kernel publically avaliable for use with OpenCL API.
void add_source (const char *name)
 Add source file to compile.
std::string dump_srcs ()
void build (const char *options="\0")
 Compile program and build kernel; throws standard exception on failure.
void set_arg (cl_uint n, size_t arg_size, const void *arg_value)
 Set argument n to use arg_value pointer; throws standard exception.
 CLKernel (const char *name, CLContext &C)
 Create kernel for a specified CLContext and its accociated device.

Protected Attributes

const char * name_
 Name of kernel function.
cl_context context_
cl_device_id device_
cl_program program_
cl_kernel kernel_
std::vector< std::string > sources
 Source file strings.
char adieu [128]
char log [4096]

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